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One of the weapons in Brawlhalla, the Hammer is a long range striking and hooking weapon that excels in the air.

The following Legends use the Hammer:

Weapon Attacks

For Legend Signatures, see the individual Legend pages above

Grounded Attacks

Light ground attacks

Nlight: The hammer legend performs 2 kicks. If one of them hit it triggers a hammer strike from the legend.

Dlight: The legend performs a stomp crating dust around them

Slight: The legend hits the opponent with a quick jab to the face

Air Attacks

Light air attacks


All combos are subject to change as the game gets tweaked from patch to patch.

Damage values are median values calculated from a legend with his attack stat equivalent to his opponent defense.

Name Inputs Useful for Damage Stun Other notes Example video(s)
SAir, DLight, Jump, Gravity Cancel, NLight Damage 55 Only works at no damage or very low. Your opponent has to be on the ground.
SAir, DLight, Jump, Gravity Cancel, DLight, Jump, DAir Damage 50 Only works at no damage or very low. Can be followed by Jump, NAir for additionnal 25 damage but not true combo.
DLight, NLight Damage 35 Only works at low damage
DLight, Jump, Gravity Cancel, NLight Damage 35 Works effectively until 180 (red rosing deep tone) damage. Fairly reliable. The jump has to be fairly short.
DLight, SLight Knowledge* 28 Only works at low damage
DLight, Jump, Gravity Cancel, SLight Knowledge* 28
DLight, Jump, DAir, Jump, Recovery Knowledge* 26 Only works at low damage
DLight, Jump, Gravity Cancel, DLight, Jump, DAir, Jump, Recovery Knowledge* 34 Only works at 0 damage
DLight, Jump, DAir Killing 22 Can be achievement with gravity cancel in high air to kill soon. Need to be stacked with opponent.
DLight, Jump, Foward Dodge, DAir Knowledge* 22 Same as previous but works when not stacked and at low damage. You can jump higher and do your Foward Dodge diagonally down for same result. Both works but this alternative is easier.
DLight, Jump, SAir Killing 28 Only works at very high damage
DLight, Jump, NAir Knowledge* 33 Only works at insanely high damage
Russian Mafia DLight, Jump, Forward Dodge, Recovery Knock down 20 "Failed" russian mafia, happens when the opponent doesn't bounce on the floor. Works at almost any damage but pointless at low damage.
Russian Mafia DLight, Jump, Forward Dodge, Recovery, DAir Killing 34 When the opponent bounces on the floor and gets below you
Russian Mafia DLight, Jump, Forward Dodge, Recovery, SAir Killing 40 When the opponent bounces on the floor and gets on the same level as you
Russian Mafia DLight, Jump, Forward Dodge, Recovery, NAir Killing 45 When the opponent bounces on the floor and gets above you
DLight, Jump, Gravity Cancel, DLight, Jump, SAir Knowledge* 36 Need to hit the second DLight a bit under opponent, only works at medium-high damage
DLight, Jump, Gravity Cancel, DLight, Jump, DAir Killing 30

Knowledge* : Combos marked as useful for knowledge mean there's better alternatives to theses combos (i.e. killing easier/making more damage/easier to execute for same result).


For Legend-specific strategies, go to the Legend's individual page above
  • The Hammer is a long-ranged but slow weapon, often striking with powerful single attacks, rather than fast strings. It's attacks often have greater reach than the opponents', so is best used to hit the opponent before they get close enough to hit with their own attacks - this naturally works especially well against notably short-range weapons, such as Katars. Needless to say, this method relies on spacing and timing, as missed Hammer attacks can be easily punished, but will make the Hammer's attacks far more reliable and effective.
  • Much of the Hammer's strength lies in it's aerial capabilities, which are almost unparalleled. Both the Neutral Air and Side Air have very long-reaching hit boxes to be used as outlined above. Combined with this, the Hammer's Down Air and Recovery moves grab the opponent and then throw them in the opposite direction. The Recovery attack is particularly good at taking advantage of an Edge Guard situation - opponents that chase the hammer character over the edge for a Ground Pound, e.g, can easily find themselves hooked by the Hammer's recovery. If the Hammer's Recovery lands, it often KOs the opponent, or sets up a new Edge Guard in the Hammer's favour.
  • While the Hammer has few combos, many Legends have a reliable two-hit combo using a Down Light and a signature attack. The Down Light jumps the opponent into the air, and following this with a signature attack can deal safe damage and good knock back. However, this combo has some important, albeit minor, issues. Firstly, some Legends have less reliable versions of the combo than others, most notably Gnash, who has only three base Dexterity. Secondly, because the suitable signatures vary between Legends (e.g. Bödvar uses a Side Sig, whereas Cassidy hits with a Neutral Sig), players accustomed to certain Legends may automatically attack with the wrong signature. The negative impact of this varies between Legends. Finally, the width the of Down Light attack combined with the variation in knock back due to damage means that some Down Lights will be imperfectly positioned for a combo - the ideal location to hit the Down Light is with the opponent just in front of the player.
  • To fight against the Hammer, it is best to exploit its lack of speed while being aware of its long range. Either through predicting patterns in your oponents play style, or by baiting out attacks, most of the Hammer's slow attacks can be easily punished if they don't land their own hits. Naturally, the speed of weapons such as the Katars or Sword can most easily punish the slowness of the Hammer, but must be most aware of their lack of range against it. Similarly, the Axe and Spear needn't be so worried about keeping the Hammer opponent within range when punishing, but must more carefully time their slower weapons.



Gothic Warhammer Atom Smasher Davey Jones' Anchor Darkheart Crusher Morning Maul Laughing Dragon
WIP.png WIP.png WIP.png WIP.png WIP.png WIP.png
That classic medieval look that never goes out of style. Smash your foes with the force of a nuclear warhead! Stove their timbers and drag 'em to the depths. We know not from whence it came, but in the quiet hours, it whispers of smashing. The best part of waking up is seeing that the other guy didn't. Laughter is the best medicine.
Costs 40

Mammoth coins

Each costs 60 Mammoth coins

Special Skins

The Cure Seeker Skyforged Hammer Asgardian Elite Hammer Dawn Hammer Goldforged Hammer
WIP.png WIP.png WIP.png WIP.png WIP.png
Proceeds go to Kasper and Friends Quest for the Cause! Each hit rings with the cheering of crowds. - - The gold standard in heavy hitting weaponry.
Costs 60

Mammoth coins (During Q4TC)

Costs 5000 Glory Available only from
the Collector's Pack
Available only from
the Spring 2017 Pack
Costs 7500 Glory

(You need to have the Skyforged Hammer)