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Cosmetics are customizable, decorative elements that may be purchased with Mammoth coins in the Mallhalla. They have no mechanical effect on gameplay.


Emotes (formerly called Taunts) are animations you can perform to express yourself. You only have one emote but you can buy more with mammoth coins in the Mallhalla. Emotes don't have any real in-game effect, they are just for fun and a great way to communicate since you can't chat while in-game. The usage of emotes during a fight can be described as either adhering to the tauntiquette or not.

To see individual emotes, see the Emotes page.

Up to 8 emotess can be equipped at once. "Woohoo!" is available and equipped by default to all 8 slots, the most of the others are available for purchase in Mallhalla.


Sidekicks (previously known as Valkris) are mobile, floating companions to Legends that carry them around the Brawlhalla arena. A Legend's sidekick will carry them onto the stage before a fight, bring them back onto the stage when they are knocked out, and can even join the fight when called with a Gadgets or when using the "Don't Leave Me Hangin'!", "Photo Op" taunts.

With the exception of the default, the ones obtainables through a DLC and the obtainables through an Epic Skin, all Sidekicks are only accessible when purchased in the Mallhalla and can be bought for 80 mammoth coins.

Zoid Grimm Craig Phantom Knight Firehawk The Shade
Beep boop beep! If you hold his skull up to your ear, you can hear him shriek until you give it back. Lightly used. Cash only. No cops. Seller not responsible for dropped respawns. Living Armor, Stainless steel, Non-stick. Reborn in flames anew! Silent as the grave it'll save you from.
Ammit Drake Onisan Boomer Wendigo
No one takes care of you better than your own mummy. *Screaming villagers not included. Demonic magic bringing you back from the brink. What could go wrong? Breed? She's a Cyborgi! The ravenous howling isn't just the wind!
Valkri MK 1 Cogsworth Mammoth Fan Personal Sentry IV Mammoth Superfan
You can't beat having a mini Valkyrie on your side! Always there to pick you up when you need it! Available only from the Collector's Pack and Valhalla Pack

Can be found in the player's inventory.

Available only from the BCX 2016 Pack

Can be found in the player's inventory.

Available only from the PS4 Founders Pack

Can be found in the player's inventory.

Available only from the BCX 2017 Pack

Can be found in the player's inventory.

Default Collector's Pack and Valhalla Pack DLC's BCX 2016 Pack

DLC Exclusive

PS4 Founders PackDLC Exclusive BCX 2017 Pack

DLC Exclusive

Comes with

Mad Genius Scarlet

Knockout Effects

Knockout effects are the graphics shown when you knock out another player. This effect only applies to Legends that you knock out, and not yourself - when you are knocked out, you will show the knockout effect of the player that knocked you out, instead.

Smoke N' Stars 


Party Time 

200 Mammoth coins  It's my party and you can cry if you want to.

High Score! 

200 Mammoth coins  Continue? 10...9...8...

Flames of Ragnarok 

Only available from the Collector's Pack.

Astral Prison 

200 Mammoth coins  Locked away forever in the fabled third dimension. They're probably fine.


200 Mammoth coins  Smashing pumpkins into tiny pieces of debris! Only available during Brawlhalloween


240 Mammoth coins  Dinos in area are closer than they appear!


200 Mammoth coins  Hope you brought a coat. Only available during the Brawlhallidays


240 Mammoth coins  KO'd in the name of love. Bonus: Displays your Legend's face on each Cherub! Only available during Valhallentine's

Thor’s Applause 

240 Mammoth coins  What’s the sound of one god clapping?

Hot Lava 

240 Mammoth coins  Melt your opponents with this hot KO! Only available during Summer Heatwave

Balefire Wyrm 

240 Mammoth coins  The Legendary Fire Wyrm is sealed behind....okay, who left the seal open?


Nameplates are the "badges" that are over our Legend in the Load screen and under our Legend on the Postgame screen. They also appears when our Legend knock out another player.

Brawler's Insignia
Founder's Insignia
Buy the Valhalla Pack
Collector's Insignia
Buy the Collector's Edition
PS4 Founder's Insignia
Buy the PS4 Founders Pack


Podiums are the platforms where our Legend is standing on the Legend Selection screen and on the Postgame screen.

The Upstage 

240 Mammoth coins  A killer pillar.

Lion Heart 

240 Mammoth coins  Stand tall on one of the marble columns.

Heatwave 2017 

240 Mammoth coins  Celebrate the Summer Heatwave in style with this tiki towerǃ

Graveyard Shift 

240 Mammoth coins  Darkness falls across the land...

Winner Wonderland 

240 Mammoth coins  Last stop on the Asgard Express!


Avatar on display on left of image, as seen in the upper right corner of the main game UI

Avatars are shown next to a players name on the Legend Select podium, account list, friends list, in lobbies, post game podium, and pre-match loading screens, allowing players to present a little more unique, personalized identity without involving their in-game characters. Avatars are also shown in the Avatar Flag taunt move. Certain avatars are only available as Ranked mode Season rewards, or as seasonal specials.

To see individual avatars, see the Avatars page.

Avatars seen in pre-match screen, next to Legend stats.