Brawlhalla Wiki


You can defeat an opponent by knocking them into the map boundaries, which are invisible walls off screen that will instantly kill any legend that touches them. This is done by hitting the enemy with attacks until they take enough knockback or are forced to drop due to gravity into a boundary.

In Brawlhalla, each attack counts. The more you hit, the farther an enemy will fly depending on their defense, their damage taken, and your attack.

Quick (Light)

  • Light attacks are fast.
  • Although they have smaller hitboxes, light attacks are easier to hit compared to heavies due to their speed.
  • Many light attacks can flow into other light attacks to form strings or combos.
  • Light attacks are the same for individual weapons, no matter what legend is using them; the only difference is slight variations in speed, or damage, which change based on the legends dexterity or attack stats.

Heavy (Signature)

  • When doing a heavy attack, it will take more time and timing to land.
  • Heavy attacks do more damage, but have more of a risk factor.
  • Hitboxes differ depending on the weapon the player is using.
  • Every legend has a unique set of signatures.

Items (Gadgets)

Spike Ball - This item can be thrown at players for damage

Bouncy Bomb - This item, when thrown, bounces around and explodes if it hits a player.

Pressure Mine - This item, when thrown, will stay stuck the the surface it landed on. If a player or object hits the mine, it will explode. Note: You can use these to make weapon throwing do more damage. Throwing a weapon towards the mine will make the weapon hit it and make it go faster towards its initial target. 

Weapon Pickup - This item is a horn that, when blown, will send out the users companion carrying a weapon and dropping it in the location the horn was blown in. This can also be used to deal damage.